Turbo Twisters Blue (49 Mhz)

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Turbo Twisters Remote Control Stunt Car with Bright Flashing L.E.D. Lights, patented 360 degree front axle rotation. RC stunt car with lights on the wheels comes in its original box. Highly detailed features make this car one of a kind. It comes with a fully functional remote which allows the car to move forward, reverse, left and right. These are not the mini stunt cars, they are much bigger! perform awesome stunts with the moving axles and tires! Performs dozens of stunts, indoor & outdoor. Car requires 3 AA batteries & RC unit requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Will interfere with other 27 MHZ Turbo Twisters (orange & red), OK to use with 49 MHZ (blue & green). Ages 3-Adult.

  • Turbo Twisters Stunt RC Car contains a patented technology with 360 Degree rotating front axle
  • Each car contains 6 LED lights that change color
  • Translucent tires/wheels which light up, will not scuff surfaces. Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Perform endless stunts, including spins, tumbles, rolls, wheelies & more. 49 Mhz, Tested for ASTM 3+
  • 49 MHz (radio control)
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