Our Story

The Beginning: With two small children in the mid-80s, my parents figured a toy store for Fairbanks was a no-brainer. The Toy Quest opened its doors on April 1st, 1986. No fooling! The merchandise arrived two weeks early and the shelving two weeks late so, in the Alaskan spirit, they made do. In 1994, they were able to move into our own family built building on College Road.


The Future: In 2017, my parents were ready to retire after 31 years. After lots of thought, Shane and I decided that we would purchase the store from my parents. Another no-brainer. So here we are, a few years into our journey and the start of a new era of toys in Fairbanks along with a new generation of toy store kids! We have spent the first two years on a mission to put our own flair on it. First by remodeling (still in progress!) and by having in-store events like craft days and Santa with his reindeer during the holidays. And now, by embracing the digital marketplace, mostly to make it easy for loved-ones out of state shop for Fairbanks kiddos during the holidays but now to keep us all entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The Name and the Logo: Brainstorming names and logos for the toy store in the winter of 1986 The Toy Cache was suggested.  My uncle Lyle drew a cache with a very non-husky pup pulling a dog sled.  We liked the dog and sled but were not that fond of the Cache name. As The Yukon Quest, the 1,000-mile dog sled race from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehouse, Yukon was underway it inspired our name, The Toy Quest.


What We Carry and Why: Every spring, we head to Las Vegas in search of new and different toys at an annual toy show. We try to select a variety of toys, something for everyone approach. We aim for a selection of unique and novel toys you may not be able to find elsewhere. Toys that encourage kids to create, explore, and imagine.