Customer support
1 General Questions
1.1 Do you still do home school orders?

Yes we do. There are detailed instructions at the top of our website Each year during April/May the link on our website for information will be titled "home school fair". After mid-may we will rename it "homeschool orders". 

When selecting payment type choose pay by invoice.  We then process the orders like normal, and notify you when they are approved.

In order for us to submit a homeschool order to the home school program we do need some information. 

Each school has different set of demands. In general we need the name of the student/students, the name of the home school program (there are lots of different programs) and good contact information for you. The hardest thing on our end is when we are given false information. We need your real email and a working telephone number because we almost always have to recontract you to finish submitting the order and always contact you when it is ready for pick up. 

2 Shipping
2.1 Do you ship?

We are willing to ship to anywhere you would like. We do NOT offer free shipping, so it may not be cost effective to order from us. We are in Alaska and thousands of miles away from the Lower 48. Seattle is about 2000 miles away and is the closest shipping port to us.

There are LOTs of small toy stores in the country some much closer who would be glad to help you.

If you do want to order from us, fill out an online order, set it as pay at pick up. Then give us a call and we can figure out the shipping costs. We will then charge your credit card by phone.

Our last days for Christmas shipping are as follows:

Out of State Priority Mail is Dec. 10th. 3-5 day delivery is currently taking 10-14 days.

Out of State Express Mail is Dec 16th. Overnight always takes 2 days from Alaska but is now taking about 5-7 days.

In State Priority Mail is Dec 16th. If you are willing to risk it, we can try, but we will not guarantee delivery.

In State Express is Dec 19th. We have to add a day from the order till pick up so it is at least 2 days even in state.