Customer support
1 General Questions
1.1 Do you stil do home school orders?

Yes we do. There are detailed instructions at the top of our website For April/May the link on our website for information is titled "2020 home school fair". After mid-may we will rename it homeschool orders. 

Basically, you enter a homeschool specific discount code that zeros out your shopping cart to $0.00 and then select pay at pickup. We then process the orders like normal, and notify you when they are approved.

1.2 When are you reopening?

We do not know. We are hoping for May 1st, but we make no promises. Restarting a business isn't as simple as flipping a switch. We were taken by surprise at the rapidity of re-opening. Most businesses were expecting another couple weeks. Frankly, we are not prepared.

The main reasons we can not jump right back into things right away are:

1) We started a remodel expecting to be closed for a few more weeks. As part of that we are redoing the floors, so the floors need finished before anyone can come in.

2) Lack of daycare. We have employees that would have been 40 hour a week employees that no longer have child care, so they can only work a few hours away from home. Which means we do not have the ability to be open normal hours unless we restart daycares and schools.

3) We hired new employees about a week before everything shut down. They still need trained and brought up to speed, so they require us to be present to train them.

3) We are expecting a baby literally any day. It is pretty hard to completely restart your business and manage all the chaos of reopening and new employees from the maternity ward. 

4) Expecting a baby puts us in a high risk group that should be self isolating. Kinda hard to isolate and work the counter at the same time.

5) Complete lack of the supplies and PPE we need to safely work and keep our employees safe.

So long story short, we are not ready or able to open. We are planning for May 1st. If not May 1st, then after the baby comes so May 15th would be our next target date.