1 General Questions
1.1 How can I get a gift card if I'm not local?

Give us a call! We will need to do the order over the phone. We can then mail the gift card or hold on to it until your friends or family pick it up.

1.2 Can I use a gift card online?

Unfortunately not. The online platform we use does not provide us with the ability to do so currently.

You can however, use the gift card over the phone.

1.3 Do you have ________?

We have almost everything we carry listed online. As inventory changes, if you don't see it on our website, you can always call us to double check! 


Here's a quick list of popular products/brands we don't carry:


Lego: Lego no longer sells directly to small stores, meaning we can only buy through a middleman which increases the cost. This means that our prices can not reasonably compete with the large box stores.


Collectable cards such as Pokémon and Magic the Gathering: We do not carry Pokémon or similar collectables because a local business The Comic Shop specializes in collectables. Small businesses should support other small businesses.


Video games and higher end electronics: Aside from not being able to compete with big box stores, we try to encourage "off screen" play. 


RC Cars: We have children's RC vehicles, but nothing that a hobbyist would be interested in as we are a children's toy store.


Miniatures and Models: We specialize in children's toys. We do have several types of similar building sets, but we are unlikely to have the type of models a hobbyist would be interested in.  We do not carry miniatures, as a local business The Comic Shop carries miniatures.

2 Shipping
2.1 Do you ship?

We are willing to ship to anywhere in the US, some restrictions may apply. We do NOT offer free shipping, so it may not be cost effective to order from us. We are in Alaska and thousands of miles away from the Lower 48. Seattle is about 2000 miles away and is the closest shipping port to us.

If you do decide to order from us, please fill out an online order and set it as pay at pick up. After that, give us a call and we can figure out the shipping costs. We will then charge your credit card by phone.

2.2 When is the last day I can order to get it by Christmas?

We cannot guarantee any orders arrive by a specific time, however our last days for Christmas shipping are as follows:

Out of State Priority Mail is Dec. 9th. 3-5 day delivery will be taking about 10-14 days in December.

Out of State Express Mail is Dec 16th. Overnight always takes 2 days from Alaska but in December takes about 5-7 days.

In-State Priority Mail is Dec 16th. If you are willing to risk it, we will try, but we cannot guarantee delivery.

In-State Express Mail is Dec 19th. If you are willing to risk it, we will try, but we cannot guarantee delivery.

2.3 Why is my shipping so much?

We are in Alaska. We are 2100 miles from Seattle, 3000 miles from Denver, and 4100 miles from Baltimore.

By comparison Atlanta, Georgia is 2100 miles from Las Angeles. 

Because of these distances, shipping is expensive.