Shipping & Returns



For instate shipping we generally use US Priority Mail. We are happy to offer quotes for both overnight shipping and 1st class mail.

If you live in rural Alaska, let us know how you get your freight. We are willing to discuss getting your order to a Bush air service, and we can work with what ever method you need.

We are willing to ship anywhere in the world if the customer wants. However, we are in Alaska and shipping is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive then it is in the rest of the US. We are willing to calculate what shipping would cost and give you a quote.

Shipping also takes a little bit longer as packages have to go a few thousand extra miles just to get to the Washington. (Seattle is 2200 miles away, Denver 3000 miles, and New York City 4200 Miles from The Toy Quest)

If you are not in Alaska, you will probably be better served finding a store closer to you.

For an example of the difficulties shipping to and from Alaska look at your next several online orders (try entering area code 99709). The majority of those companies do not ship to Alaska or charge the customer for the high costs of shipping. Even Amazon Prime sometimes charges to ship to Alaska.


We have a 30 day limit on returns. We can make exceptions up to 45 days during the holidays for those of you who bought gifts early for Christmas. 

If you have a receipt (or we can track your sale with the frequent buyer program) and the item is unopened we will gladly give you a refund.

If you do not have a receipt and the item is unopened we can give you store credit.

If an item is defective or had hidden damage we will take the return as long as it meets the other return policies. We will NOT refund an item broken by the user.

If an item is opened it is at our discretion to allow the return. If an item can be legitimately resold and has all its pieces than it may be acceptable to return the item.