Shipping & returns


If you want an order shipped, submit an online order and click pay at pick up. We must have valid contact information for you. We will contact you with a quote for shipping. If the price is acceptable we can then take payment over the phone or we can modify your order and you can pay online.

In-State Shipping

We are willing to ship anywhere in-state. If you live in the bush let us know the best way to get it to you. With all the airline bankruptcies/shake ups with and bypass mail concerns you will have to let me know what is currently working for your village.

Out of State Shipping

If you live out of state we can ship to you. Shipping from Alaska is not cheap and you may be better served by ordering from a store closer to you. We do not do free shipping as 12%-15% of an items price is the shipping to get it to Alaska. It can add another 15%-25% to an items price to ship it back to the lower 48.  We are 1500 miles from Seattle and the freight costs reflect this.


We have a 30 day limit on returns. We can make exceptions up to 45 days during the holidays for those of you who bought gifts early for Christmas. 

If you have a receipt (or we can track your sale with the frequent buyer program) and the item is unopened we will gladly give you cash back.

If you do not have a receipt and the item is unopened we can give you store credit.

If an item is defective or had hidden damage we will take the return as long as it meets the other return policies. We will NOT refund an item broken by the user.

If an item is opened it is at our discretion to allow the return. If an item can be legitimately resold and has all its pieces than it may be acceptable to return the item.